My Story

Hi, I'm Timothi, I was born and raised in NYC where I spent my early years in front of the camera as a model, dancer and actor. A few decades later I decided to pivot away from working as a performer to creating from behind the lense. I enrolled at the International Center of Photography where I focused on documentary reportage and portraiture. I loved it. Over the years my work has moved through many portals, from portraits to lifestyle to brand identity to press photos and back to documentary again. My work has been featured in numerous publications including the Los Angeles Times, various international magazines and a couple of books. My philosophy as a photographer is that getting great pictures to represent yourself beautifully in the world should be accessible to all. So don't stress, wherever you are we'll make it happen. Every booking is custom and priced based on personal budget and scope. No shoot is too big or small.

Drop me a line here and let's explore how we can make great pictures together.


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